Instructions for Use

Heating and Sanitation Pipes

Bending radius
We allow a bending radius according to DIN 4726. E.g. pipe 16 x 2,0 mm, bending radius in accordance with the above standard 80 mm.

We recommend fittings made of brass (e.g. BEULCO or IPA). The fittings have to be installed according to the manufacturer´s guidelines. Fittings must be suitable for pipes according to DIN 16833.

Pipes must be protected against direct sunlight. We recommend to store pipes in cardboard boxes or black polyethylene bags.

Application sanitation pipes
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. operating temperature: 95°C.


Application heating pipes
Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
Max. operating temperature: 95°C.

Pipes with oxygen barrier layer
The oxygen permeability is < 0,1 g/m³d in accordance with DIN 4726.

Heating circuit additives
For pipes without oxygen barrier layer, a corrosion inhibitor must be used in the heating circuit. We recommend Varidos KK from Schilling Chemie in Germany.

10 years, when keeping to usual working condition according to the state of the art.