PE-RT Typ II Pipes
(Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance)
DIN 16833/34

While Dowlex® 2344 is mainly used for heating applications because of its inherent exceptional high flexibility we are now able to provide pipes made with Dowlex® 2388 which are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for drinking water networks and those are in particular durability and best possible hygienic performance. National and international standardization bodies have meanwhile already established the standards for PE-RT type I and type II or are in the process to do so.

A key benefit of such Octene copolymers is that they do not need chemicals for cross-linking and will in so far not split off decomposition products which appear during the cross-linking procedure.

As we have no cross-linking we are confident that our pipes do not release undesired or prohibeted chemicals into the water. In so far we have also no concerns that our pipes could generate taste an odour problems - a problem that frequently occurs with certain PE-RT materials.

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