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UNATHERM Quality Pipes of DOWLEX®

UNATHERM PE-RT pipes are made of pure DOWLEX® without addition of any recycled material. As the raw material is the basis for the quality of a pipe, we use the in our opinion best raw material.

While conventional PE‘s do need cross-linking in order to perform at higher temperatures long term, this is not needed for pipes made with Dowlex 2388 or 2344 as those polymers are Octene-Copolymers with a narrow molecular weight distribution.

The co-polymerized Octene provides Hexylbranches which allow the polymer chains to entangle with each other and to form tiemolecules to bind crystallites together at a significant higher level than possible with conventional PE. A lot of energy is needed or can be dissipated before such structures break. One can imagine this effect as a kind of „geometrical cross-linking“.

Our pipes made of DOWLEX® have two characteristics that should be emphasized in particular:

  • high flexibility
  • excellent smoothness of the pipe´s inner surface

The high flexibility of our pipes permits cold laying, even at temperatures much lower than 0°C.

The smoothness of the pipe´s inner surface, achieved by a special manufacturing process, guarantees the lowest possible flow resistance. The "roughness" of our pipe´s inner surface is as low as 400 Ångström! If a pipe shows a rough inner surface, a deposit can build up, thus increasing flow resistance considerably.

Pipes for use in floor heating and radiator connection are coated with an oxygen barrier made of EVOH.

This oxygen barrier is applied to the basic pipe using an adhesive resin. Basic pipe, adhesive resin and oxygen barrier thus form an inseparable unit. This system represents the state of the art. These pipes carry the name "oxystop".

Polyethylene, the raw material we employ, is a pure hydro-carbon compound that is ecologically neutral. Our production waste can be recycled.

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UNATHERM pipes for heating and sanitation

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