PE-RT Typ I Pipes
(Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance)
DIN 16833/34, DIN 4726

For the production of our PE-RT type I pipes we use DOWLEX® 2344, only. It is the first material that has been developed especially for the production of pipes for floor heating, radiator connection and hot and cold drinking water supply. Due to its unique molecular structure with octene homogeneously distributed over the polymer back-bone and the narrow molecular weight distribution, DOWLEX® 2344 does not need crosslinking in order to perform longterm under elevated temperature and pressure conditions.

The requirements our PE-RT pipe needs to meet are laid down in the standards that have especially been worked out for this pipe: DIN 16833, DIN 16834. Longterm testing proved that the requirements of DIN 4726 are exceeded by far. Thus, the extrapolated life time of a PE-RT pipe for instance is much longer than the specified 50 years at 70° C.

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